Volunteer Benefits

Besides getting the chance to meet people with similar interests and dedication, SVCC volunteers receive the following benefits:

  • Rewarding volunteer experience. At SVCC, each volunteer plays an essential role doing hands-on work that yields real results. Each volunteer makes a difference.
  • Personal and professional growth. Because SVCC is completely volunteer-run, input is heard and autonomy encouraged. Managing a team or a session is a great learning and résumé-building experience for all volunteers, and there are opportunities for advancement.
  • Recognition. SVCC holds regular events and gatherings to recognize its volunteers’ contributions.
  • References. Volunteers who have been with SVCC for less than 3 semesters will be given a generic letter of reference upon request. Those who have more than 3 semester of service will be eligible for a personalized reference letter.
  • Reimbursement. Volunteers are reimbursed for all SVCC-related expenses such as transportation, photocopying, and book purchases.