¡hola~ Spanish is here!

September 26, 2013 in Spanish

SVCC has added Spanish Beginner to our free language sessions for Fall 2013!

Photo courtesy of: Mark Spindler

Photo courtesy of: Mark Spindler

Why learn Spanish? Check out these nine facts about the Spanish language that you may not have known:

1. There are over 329 million natives speakers of Spanish, ranking the language second for the number of people who speak it as their first language.

2. Spanish is spoken in 44 different countries and is the official language of 21 different countries.

3. There are more people who are native speakers of Spanish than English.

4. The demand for Spanish courses has doubled worldwide in ten years and has become the second most studied language in the world.

5.  Spanish is the most popular foreign language to learn in the United States of America and Europe.

6. Spanish is an official language of the United Nations and its institutions, together with Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Russian.

7. Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet and the second most used language on Facebook.

8. Spanish is a phonetic language – meaning that if you know how to spell a word, you can easily pronounce the word (with a few exceptions).

If you would like to register please join us Saturday mornings at 10:00am at the Education Cafeteria. The Fall 2013 term begins on September 28!