SVCC 2016-2017 Elections

February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of the year again! The 2015-2016 school year is ending and we’ll be electing a new group of Executives for the 2016-2017 term.

If you are looking to get involved with SVCC, why not apply to be one of our VPs?

Take a look at the role descriptions and the candidates below.


As the President, you will stay in contact with the University’s Students Union, make overall plans  for the group, hold meetings and write reference letters for the volunteers. You will be required to commit to at least 2 hours per week during sessions. 

Hello, my name is Eevannis Ma and I am the president for 2015-2016. I hope to run for president in this upcoming year again. I have been a part of SVCC for three and a half years. As an executive team member for almost three years, I have a very good understanding of our organization, know the amount of time and work needed to run SVCC, and particularly, enjoy working with our amazing volunteers! I want to be able to continue helping our community to grow bigger and providing great services to our participants as a president! Thank you all for your support!

Vice President – Financial

VPs will need to commit at least 2 hours on Saturdays, while sessions are running. 


Hello, my name is Nan Liu (Sharon). I am writing to run to be the next Finance VP of SVCC. This session will be my second time to do financial work for SVCC. I am very happy to work with all the volunteers. Having achieved a solid foundation of knowledge in my study of accounting and finance, I have the ability to be the Finance VP. I got the experience from last term, I will improve my ability to make finance working become much better than now.

Vice President – External

The VP External is in charge of promoting SVCC through print, social, and interactive media, to assist with participant and volunteer recruitment. Other tasks include responding to public inquiries, updating the website, and obtaining sponsorships. VPs will need to commit at least 2 hours on Saturdays, while sessions are running. 

Hello everyone, my name is Oscar Choy. I am hoping to run for VP External in this upcoming term. I am a third year Mechanical engineering student. This is my second semester volunteering with SVCC. Last term, I was a facilitator in the Cantonese group. It was a great experience to be able to teach my students my first language! I had a blast volunteering with SVCC so far as this group offers many different language lessons and I had a chance to become friends with people of different backgrounds. I would like to contribute more this upcoming semester by becoming a part of the executive teams, to be able to share my thoughts and ideas into making this group even more astonishing. I would be thrilled to be given an opportunity to work in this harmonious environment. Thank you!

Vice President – Internal
VP Internal duties primarily consist of bringing supplies to the cafeteria before sessions start and help organize the setup and flow of the first weeks of registration. The Internal position prints waivers before orientation and registration forms before registration. VP Internal organizes the log in book before the first day of sessions and ensures there are enough markers. The VP Internal directs the volunteer evaluations and visits rooms on holidays to bring treats for participants. Internal organizes the Volunteer Appreciation Party and completes other duties as required. VPs will need to commit at least 2 hours on Saturdays, while sessions are running. 

Run for VP Internal!

For each language, a VP Administration is in charge of ensuring the language sessions are running smoothly. As a language VP, you will oversee your Language Group’s Sessions. You will manage your current facilitators and recruit new ones. You’ll also conduct evaluations throughout the term and act as the main contact point for all of your language session volunteers. You will make sure the sessions offered are involving participants in an dynamic class where everybody has a role in it. It is your task to improve our sessions. We are always looking for improvements 🙂

Knowledge of the language is required.  VPs will need to commit at least 2 hours on Saturdays, while sessions are running.

Vice President – English
Hello, my name is Linda Zheng and I am running for VP English. Being a sociology student, I have a keen interest in people, cultures, and communities. I enjoy learning and trying new things, and have been active in a variety of extracurricular such as Chinese dance and Latin dance, in addition to volunteer work such as being a Peer Mentor and Transitions Leader for the University of Alberta International Centre.I have been a part of SVCC as an English Language Facilitator for about three years now. I love my position and have learned a great deal. For the next term I would like to take on a more administrative position and further my opportunities as the role of VP English. I hope to collaborate well with everyone at SVCC and to bring an inclusive, fun, and welcoming environment for my department!

Vice President – Cantonese

A Versatile Daydreamer I am Huachao or Fernando, a second-year student in chemical engineering. Here follows my fortes: First, I can speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and Hokkien with native fluency. Learning these languages not only gives me better scope to deal with different people, but also enhance my cultural sensitivity and endurance. Second, I enjoy socializing. Doing volunteers and travelling to different countries satisfy my desire for a broader interpersonal network, enabling me to do something bold. Third, I am a dreamer. I may appear impractical at times but I always map up long-term plans to realize the dreams. Fourth, I have many hobbies, especially some sports like dodgeball, taekwondo and basketball. I enjoy teamwork involved in these activities, where I can obtain lots of fun. Fifth, I have quite outstanding academic performances, such as an overall GPA of 3.9 and some lab experience. Just as Moon waxes and wanes, I do have many foibles, which I have to work on. I daydream a lot. Sometimes I wonder how I can make a million dollars in the first year I get into the workforce. Having been deeply influenced by Confucius’ philosophy, I tend to avoid conflicts to somewhat maintain harmony, which might be bad in case that innovation is highly required. I don’t like arguing when conflicts occur. Usually I tend to compromise to request my opponent to change his or her position. Although my strategy of dealing with people might have proved to be somewhat effective, I am definitely not suitable for a diplomat or some big potatoes in an organization.

Vice President – Mandarin

大家好, my name is Cynthia Zhao and I am running for VP Mandarin.
I am from China and I am currently a third year Civil Engineering student at University of Alberta. I became part of SVCC since my first year and I was really enjoy all the time with SVCC. From past three years, I learned and gained a lot from being a facilitator. And I will try my best to run my position in the following term.

Vice President – French

Hello, Bonjour! My name is Marc Seince, I am currently a Political Science student and I am a candidate for the position of VP French. Although being quite new to the SVCC, I hope to establish a dynamic community and be able to build strong bonds through confidence among students and volunteers.  My main goal is to provide everyone with a positive experience not only in the French department but in SVCC organization as a whole.

Vice President – Spanish

I am Lina Yañez and  I am from Medellin, Colombia. I am Chemical Engineer and I am taking my PhD in Chemical Engineering at University of Alberta. I also play violin and I am member of the University Symphony Orchestra. I became volunteer at SVCC in Fall 2014 because I see this as a great opportunity to learn and also to teach my native language. I see it also as a cultural exchange which I think it is very valuable.
After almost two years, I feel very glad to say that the amount of people who want to learn Spanish have grown and I have seen many of the participants that I met in Beginner I, just moving to higher levels!
Being part of SVCC, it has been really enriching and I think more people should volunteer for this program.
Hi, my name is Denise Valdivieso, I am an Ecuadorian student currently enrolled in my third year at the University with a major in Psychology and a minor in International Studies. Being that Spanish is my native language, I helped open the Spanish program at SVCC in 2013 and from then helped organized it and helped it grow. Serving as a facilitator for 2 years now, and helping run the program this semester has been a great experience as a student. I hope to continue in this role helping the Spanish program to continue and develop so that others can learn and immerse themselves in the beautiful Spanish language and culture.

Vice President – Korean

Hi, 안녕하세요.  I am Silvia Choe.
I’m willing to run as a korean vp in the following term. I’m currently enrolled in elementary education at u of a. I have volunteered as a ta for korean class for 2 years and also worked as a facilitator last year in svcc. And I stated to take a part of svcc as a korean vp from this term. Hopefully, i can run the position in following term as well.

Vice President – Japan


Nanami Shimizu
Hello.こんにちは!I am from Japan , Kyoto and I am an exchange one year program student . I am an third undergraduate student and studying education  here. I have committed this volunteer from last fall term. The reason why I am doing this volunteer is that this is really good opportunity to meet with new friends and enjoy language. Both volunteers and participants can learn the language and culture. I would like you guys how learn other language is good chance to expand our vision and fun. I hope more people come to SVCC and have great time!

Vice President – German

Run for VP German!


All volunteers will be able to vote for the executive team candidates on Saturday, February 27th during sessions.

If you are interested in applying, please email us at Please include a short biography of why you will be suitable for this position, and describe the relevant experiences you have that will help you carry the role effectively.