SVCC 2015-2016 Elections

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Hello Everyone!

As our 2014-2015 operating year is coming to a close, it is time to vote in our next executive team for the upcoming 2015-2016 year!  If you are interested in running for any of the following positions, please submit your candidate bio to


The following are the currently submitted candidate bios:


Hello, everyone! My name is Eevannis Ma and I am hoping to run for the position of president in this upcoming year. I have been a part of SVCC for two and a half years and I am currently the Vice President Internal. As an executive team member with lots of experience, I have a very good understanding of our organization, know the amount of time and work needed to run SVCC, and particularly, enjoy working with our amazing volunteers! I want to be able to continue helping our community to grow bigger and providing great services to our participants as a president! Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Vice President – Financial

My name is Shan Zhang. I am writing to run to be the next Finance VP of SVCC. After two years of volunteering with SVCC, I am good at SVCC’s financial works and get along with other volunteers. Having achieved a solid foundation of knowledge in my study of accounting and finance, I have the ability to be the Finance VP. To be specific, my valuable working experiences, excellent ability to work both independently and in a team environment as well as my strong analytical skills can make considerable contributions to SVCC.

Vice President – External

Hello! My name is Chantelle Lam, I am currently running for the position as VP External. As a student who was previously enrolled in the French sessions, I had a chance to experience what SVCC was like from a student’s perspective. This year, I would like to give back and contribute to this group by becoming a part of the Executive Team. I truly believe that SVCC is a great group, and I would love to help spread the word about the excellent opportunity it provides for others that are interested in learning a new language. I am someone who has a passion for learning about different cultures, and this is one of the reasons why I see so much value in SVCC. In the past, I have taken part in developing and implementing marketing strategies as an Event Coordinator and as a Graphic Designer. Volunteering as an Event Coordinator has allowed me to employ my strong communication and organizational skills; in this role, I helped to promote the event by speaking to other organizations and by using social media. As a Graphic Designer*, I was able to utilize my creativity to design marketing materials such as promotional posters for events and elections, newsletters, business cards, banners, as well as brochures. I feel that these experiences will allow me to effectively carry on the role as the VP External. I would be thrilled to be given an opportunity to work with such a dedicated team of student volunteers. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!

* If you would like to see a small collection of my work, please visit:

Vice President – Internal

Hi, my name is Mark and I have volunteered with SVCC for just over two years. I took a short break from SVCC this semester but previously was Interim VP External, Interim VP Spanish, and a Co-Facilitator for the first Spanish Language group.

As a Spanish Facilitator, I received the chance to develop my skills developing fun activities and guiding participants in their learning. If it were not for SVCC Languages, I likely would never have had this opportunity. I collaborated with a variety of amazing Co-Facilitators and we planned trips to restaurants or coffee shops once per semester.

As VP Spanish, I recruited and interviewed several volunteers to facilitate Spanish classes and helped expand the Spanish Language Group from one session to three. I organized the groupings of volunteers so that all interests were met and so that there would be a balance of skills and experiences with each team of facilitators. Through the volunteers, I learned from their perspectives and tried to implement as many of their suggestions as possible.

As VP External, I learned how much work is needed in order to ensure that many participants join lessons. I created the first SVCC Meetup on which has been a stable source of participants. I printed and helped post up posters on a weekly basis in order to create a general flow of participants and answered questions about the program on Facebook and I also had the opportunity to direct two promotional videos for SVCC Languages which were a tremendously fun to do.

As VP Internal, I hope to ensure that every participant receives their resources ahead of time before each session and that the sign-up sheets be there ready for them to fill out. I would run the registration days and ensure that all participants have provided their personal information and are guided to the correct class. I hope to help all VPs in conducting evaluations of participants in any way possible. Best of all, I look forward to distributing candies or treats to each class during the cultural holidays! I would ensure that VPs are collecting information from their volunteers and in this way I would be able to provide the name tags/lanyards. I would ensure that VPs are uploading their participant information onto google docs and take pictures of participants and volunteers during sessions.
I greatly appreciate this opportunity and hope to make SVCC a great experience for everyone involved!

Vice President – English

My name is Magdalena Koziak and I am running for VP English. Three years ago, I started out as an English facilitator and from there continued on to become the English VP. In the upcoming year my goal is to work on participant retention, improve the quality of our sessions, and continue to make sessions more interactive and discussion-based to promote confidence in our participants English speaking abilities.

Vice President – Cantonese

Hello, my name is Joanne Yu and I’m running for VP – Cantonese. I started volunteering as a facilitator two years ago and then as the VP for the past year. My goal for next year is to sustain and improve our quality of classes held by our amazing facilitators and continuing on promoting the culture of the canto-district to our participants. Encouraging and leading the Cantonese team to take on different leadership roles in the team would be important to keep the program running, as well.

Vice President – Mandarin

Cynthia Zhao is running for this position. Bio coming soon!

Vice President – French

Bonjour! Amy Hua and Laura Hamonic are candidates for co-VPs for French. Laura joined SVCC 2 years ago. In that time she has helped to restart the French Language Group sessions and develop the curriculums. She has also been involved with SVCC working on the External team. Amy began volunteering with SVCC as a group facilitator this past semester but has also had experience as a participant with SVCC. Together for the coming semester, they are hoping to recruit more volunteers and open more sessions.

Vice President – Spanish

My name is Ian Regnier and I am an After Degree student in the Faculty of Education completing a Spanish major and Social Studies minor. Currently I am completing my 9 week AFX at a junior high in Edmonton.  I am also in my second session as a SVCC language facilitator with the Intermediate Spanish class. I love the Spanish language and being able to share it with learners of all ages and levels so that they can improve and gain confidence in the language.

I would like to run for SVCC VP because I believe I am responsible and a good team member. I have shown this through my preparation and efforts as a language facilitator by collaborating with fellow facilitators and aiding the learners who come to our classes.  Through this I believe I should be considered for VP.

Hi, my name is Denise Valdivieso, I am an Ecuadorian student currently enrolled in my third year at the University with a major in Psychology and a minor in International Studies. Being that Spanish is my native language, I helped open the Spanish program at SVCC in 2013 and from then helped organized it and helped it grow. Serving as a facilitator for 2 years now, and helping run the program this semester has been a great experience as a student. I hope to continue in this role helping the Spanish program to continue and develop so that others can learn and immerse themselves in the beautiful Spanish language and culture.

I am Lina Yañez and  I am from Medellin, Colombia. I am Chemical Engineer and I am taking my M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at University of Alberta. I also play violin and I am member of the University Symphony Orchestra. I started to be volunteer in SVCC last year (Fall 2014) because I see this as a great opportunity to learn and also to teach my native language. I love reading and swimming; last year, I took zumba and I love it! I think if people want to learn some Spanish songs, they should go to zumba.
Being part of SVCC, it has been really enriching and I think more people should volunteer for this program.


Vice President – Korean

Hi, my name is Silvia Choe and I am hoping to run for the VP Korean position in this upcoming term. I am currently enrolled in elementary education at U of Alberta. It is my first time joining SVCC but I have volunteered as a KOR202 TA. I found it to be a really enjoyable experience therefore, I would like to get more involved in programs that help people who want to learn new languages. My goals are to ensure all the participants get the most enjoyable experience at SVCC and more importantly to ensure all sessions are helpful and relevant. Also, I will be ready and willing to listen to the insight and ideas of others, in hopes of making this coming term the best. Hopefully, I can be a part of this great opportunity. Thank you!

All volunteers will be able to vote for the executive team candidates on April 4th during sessions.