Are you planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country and experience its culture? Do you want to visit countrysides and cities rich with history and beauty? Have you been captivated by Spanish music and dance?

¡VAMONOS! Learning Spanish is the best way to heighten your experiences. There is a world of culture that awaits and this new course will help you engage it.

Our Basic Spanish group will cover fundamental skills needed for conversation and travel in the Spanish speaking world, including greetings and ‘small talk’, asking for help and directions, ordering food, and more.  We emphasize speaking and and classmates interacting with each other in Spanish in order for participants to build skills through real practice. We also address cultural topics and diversity in the Spanish world, and plan to feature a field trip to a Local Latin American restaurant. We supplement our instruction with free multimedia apps as well as other interactive online tools for enhanced opportunities for practice.





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