When SVCC was originally founded by the late Father Firth and Rita Chow, it was composed solely of an English Language Group intended for new immigrants from Vietnam. At that time, SVCC was known as “SVCC for Refugees” and sessions were held at St. Joseph’s College (a small college located on campus). When the English Language Group grew in size to five sessions, SVCC was forced to look for a larger space and moved over to the Education Building where it still resides today.

In 1982, the growing number of ELG members also brought a demand for day-care for the members’ children at the front desk. The executives entertained the children with stories and games and at the end of 1984, SVCC decided to start a Cantonese Language Group for these children. Over time SVCC has grown to meet the Edmonton community’s needs, establishing a Mandarin Language Group in 2005, a French Language Group in 2007, Japanese Language Group in 2008, Korean Language Group in 2009, and Spanish Language Group in 2013.

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